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Aug 4, 2017

There was so much news out of the 2017 San Diego Comic Con we had a second show to focus on the TV trailers. Sarah, Will and recurring co-host Patricia are back to give our hot takes on some of the trailers out of the Comic Con. 

But first Sarah gives us another film school lesson with her review of Dunkirk, Will passes the Mr. Robot pop quiz that Sarah drops on him and Patricia is surprised by Atomic Blond in our hiatus updates. 

We then get to our trailer reactions, Will boldly goes where no Star Trek fan has gone before and tries to win over Sarah and Patricia on Star Trek: Discovery, we take a trip to the 80's with Stranger Things 2, view hits and misses of the Marvel TV universe and wait for it: Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and even LOT gets their due on our Arrowverse block. Plus Will and Patricia go on a crossover tangent. After all it is Scene N Nerd!! 

Watch the Trailers here:

Stranger Things 2:
Star Trek Discovery: 
The Flash
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Marvel's Inhumans