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Jul 18, 2016



We made it! The season 2 finale has come and gone and we're breaking it all down for you! 

Pete, Lauren and Hank are talking all about what was resolved, what wasn't and what's to come!

Madeleine Stowe makes her long awaited cameo in brilliant fashion. Cole hits the rest button, wait, does...

Jul 12, 2016

We apologize for audio. This will be fixed for out season finale pod.


Bodies, bodies everywhere. Welcome back to another recap show and we're trying to collect ourselves after the craziness we just witnessed(See what I did there). Pete and Lauren are breaking down this latest episode and...

Jun 28, 2016


(We apologize for the muffled audio)

Pete and Lauren are BACK and SPLINTERING BACK recapping an all new episode of 12 Monkeys! 

Join us as we talk all about Ramse, Cassie and Dr. Adler's attempt to steal the time machine in order to get to the witness. We're also talking about the surreal moment...

Jun 20, 2016

Pete and Lauren are SPLINTERING BACK to this past weeks epsiode of 12 Monkeys, Fatherland!


*****SPOILERS AHEAD*******

We're FINALLY getting Olivia's backstory and its quite the flashback as it's set as the backdrop for the entire episode as Cole, Ramse and Cassie embark on different missions. Cole need to find a the...

Jun 14, 2016

Pete, Lauren and Hank are back and talking all about this weeks episode of 12 Monkeys, HYENA! I guess now we all know what Jennifer was talking about last week. 

The Tall Man is back with, Olivia?? What? She's alive?! Jennifer is taking to the fight to the Monkeys forming her new group the Hyenas. The storm is getting...