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Aug 27, 2016

It's another nail biting week in the universe of Mr. Robot. This week Sarah and Matt break down "succ3ss0r" and get to the bottom of what makes Angela and Darlene tick. What's a part of whiterose's Phase 2? Is Elliot going to be absent again net week? How many seasons do we have to wait till we knew what the hell happened to Tyrell? All this and more this week on Scene N Nerd!

If you are fans of DC's animated series and animated movies, Scene N Nerd are proud to present Ode 2 Entertainment. Over the next few weeks the guys from O2E will set out to discuss and appreciate the series Young Justice episode by episode. If you're a fan of Young Justice check out their first episode that is now live on our Scene N Nerd page. You can also give them your own thoughts and opinions on YJ and more @Ode2Entertainment on Twitter, instagram, and facebook.